Your finish is everything – keep it perfect through delivery! 

Adhesive protective films are designed to protect surfaces from damage and dirt during manufacture and fabrication or during transport. Temporary films can be applied to coated metals, non-coated metals, glass, automotive, plastics, laminates, electronics, wood and textiles; and then removed “residue free” at their ultimate destination.  Thickness and adhesive levels vary by industry, application and where the item will ultimately go.  Pat Cardamone handles all vinyl sales and has been in the metal and vinyl industries for over 40 years.  Call or e-mail her directly with your questions or inquiries.

Steiner Industrial began importing and distributing protective film products in 2012 when the re-structure in the vinyl industry resulted in manufacturers selling direct to the volume customer and giing very little attention to the lower volume end users.  While we are more than happy to sell full pallets of products, our niche is servicing customers who need less than pallet quantities or individual rolls, orders for varied film types or sizes, cut rolls and specialty products.  Most rolls 48” and under are easily shipped UPS within the 48 contiguous tates.

Black & White, White & White, Clear, Laser, Optic Laser (hi-speed) and 224 Blue (deep draw) inventories from Main Tape, Soprad, Nitto and Novacel are stocked at our warehouse in New Jersey and also in Maryland and Illinois.  All three locations have saws to accommodate cut roll orders.